Business Transactions

Ewing Anderson’s lawyers can provide informed and expert assistance and counseling in all areas of business transactions, commercial disputes and activities. Our clients include small and large businesses, contractors, insurance companies, equipment dealerships, manufacturers, suppliers, financial institutions, and professionals. We represent individuals, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. The business lawyers at Ewing Anderson help clients in Eastern Washington, Spokane, North Idaho, and Coeur d’Alene form and maintain corporations, partnerships and LLCs. Our commercial attorneys are very experienced and well respected among their peers. Ewing Anderson can meet your legal needs in the following areas:

Business acquisitions, sales reorganizations, and mergers
Business planning
Commercial transactions, Uniform Commercial Code
Contracts-personal service, business contracts, construction contracts
Employment matters, benefits, retirement and deferred compensation plans
Incorporation-business, professional, and nonprofit
Partnerships and joint ventures
Real Estate Law
Our lawyers at Ewing Anderson are also skilled in real estate law, and can provide legal services to individuals and businesses in the following areas of law:

Business sales and closings
Commercial property transactions
Contract forfeitures
Deeds of Trust
Earnest Money Agreements
Lawsuits and property disputes
Real estate contracts
Residential closings
Tax free exchanges
Zoning and land use regulation
Landlord/Tenant Law
Ewing Anderson’s attorneys represent and counsel commercial and residential property owners, managers, and tenants in Spokane, Eastern Washington, Coeur d’Alene, and North Idaho in the drafting and enforcement of lease agreements, including all aspects of the unlawful detainer process and collection of judgments for rent and damages. Our lawyers have presented training and lectures at seminars and meetings regarding commercial leases and eviction procedure.

Contract Law
Ewing Anderson’s lawyers can help the individual or business client with drafting, analyzing, or filing suit if necessary on all types of contracts, including employment, real estate, construction, partnership, retail and wholesale sales, personal service, and franchise. Let our business attorneys help you do it right.

Commercial Disputes and Litigation
Should the need arise, whether through partnership breakup, financial difficulties (whether as a creditor or debtor), contract breach, construction disputes, fraud, unfair trade practices, employment issues, or any other claim or suit involving a business or commercial aspect, the lawyers at Ewing Anderson have many years of trial experience in complex and simple lawsuits and arbitrations.